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Mrs. Evelyn

Mrs. Evelyn

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"The Banquet Hall" is a story of 5 different characters. 

 All the characters have different personalities and secrets.


Mrs. Evelyn is the first of the 5 characters.


Mrs. Evelyn Haworth, a woman of impeccable taste. It wasn't her first time at the Banquet Hall, but tonight was different. A golden brooch rested on her chest, a family heirloom said to be worth a fortune. She wore her favorite scarlett red blouse which highlighted her green hair. In her hand, a delicate glass of wine seemed to capture the essence of forbidden desire and hidden dreams.
As Mr. Rudd approches to Mrs. Evelyn, he takes a glimpse to her glass and wonders if it's wine or something else.


Designed by Çağrı Dizdar

Weaved by Studio Potato

Year: 2023

Size: 45x55x6,5 cm

Technique: Flatweave, Embroidery, Stiching.

Material: Felt, Wool, Acrylic


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