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Mr. Rudd

Mr. Rudd

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"The Banquet Hall" is a story of 5 different characters. 

 All the characters have different personalities and secrets.


Mr Rudd is the secont of the 5 characters.


Mr. Rudd, once a prominent businessman with a touch of arrogance, had disappeared from public life for a decade. As the evening progressed, tales of his past achievements and speculated downfalls echoed through the hall. Will he reveal his reasons for his absence tonight, will he get lost in his beloved bottles.


Designed by Çağrı Dizdar

Weaved by Studio Potato

Year: 2023

Size: 45x55x6,5 cm

Technique: Flatweave, Handknot, Embroidery, Stiching.

Material: Wool, Acrylic


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