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Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, Studio Potato brings a fresh look to the traditional rugs of Anatolia. Combining classical and sustainable weaving techniques with modern design,  SP aims to honor the ancient technique.

Technique matters. Anatolia is a land where great stories of heroic deeds and love have been transferred to rugs & kilim’s through millennia. Yet with mass production taking over, machine woven rugs have gained popularity and the artistry is slowly fading away. We at SP believe that supporting this artistry with modern design is crucial for the industry’s sustainability.

We work with craftswomen from all over Turkey for the story to live on.Nature matters more. By using natural dye obtained from vegetables and spice,  we produce nature friendly and healthy, one-of-a-kind kilim’s.

Heard of ‘Slow Movement’? Slow is good, slow means love. SP products are woven with pleasure and without rush. Enjoy the good vibes that come with them!Your own special Potato! 

Your SP item is hand made and produced in limited series. Only a unique number of people have the same item you own, which makes the piece a little more special for you!To find the best hand-woven Potato for your space, browse through our products here.