How and where can you use your carpet?


Our short answer is: On the floor, on the wall, on your stairs, wherever you want! Joking aside, you are free to use your rug in any way you like, but we can offer you some suggestions.

Hand-woven rugs used to be used for warmth as well as decoration, but nowadays they are used more for decorative purposes. Traditional rugs can be used in many different places, such as on pillows or upholstery. The rugs you lay on the floor can be used in every corner of the house, but the living room, dining room and bedroom are the most common places.


One of the most preferred places is under the dining table, where your rug will wear out less and look the most decorative and elegant. If you want to use your rug under the dining table, one thing you should pay attention to is that your chairs stay inside the rug area even when pulled back. If you are not sure about the rug size you want to buy, you can take measurements by pulling back the chairs around your table so that your rug is outside the chairs and centered exactly.


If you are looking for a rug for your living room, you have different options. You can place the rug under your coffee table if you have one, or you can place it under your seating group or armchairs. Choosing a large rug will make the space look bigger, especially in small spaces, but we recommend placing it under the legs of the sofa to avoid tripping over the rug. If you buy a modern rug without a symmetrical pattern, it's a good idea to lay it so that the pattern is visible.

In the bedroom, you can use a small rug on the sides of the bed, a medium rug in front of it, or a large rug centered under the bed, leaving enough room for your feet on either side.

We recommend that you do not lay your hand-woven rugs in an area where they are stepped on a lot, so that they last longer. For such areas, you can choose our double sided rugs that are made of recycled yarn, which are more suitable for your budget and will deteriorate more slowly in terms of material.

As Studio Potato, we set out to keep the ancient rug weaving technique and craftsmanship alive, so you can see this technique in most of our products. Apart from our rugs, you can browse our wall decor, throw pillows and up-cycle products to decorate your home or buy a beautiful and different gift!


You can always check out our dimensions and care instructions page for more info.

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